Welcome to the Parallel and Distributed Computing lab at the University of Kentucky!

The lab was established by Prof. James E. Lumpp to study Parallel and Distrubuted Computing. The lab (housed in 205EEX) has very close ties with the Distributed Computing Systems Lab also at UK.
If you want further information you can email jel@dcs.uky.edu or call the lab at 606-257-4926 (fax: 606-257-3092) or mail:

Parallel Processing Laboratory
Department of Electrical Engineering
Lexington, KY 40506-0046


Automated Performance Models of Parallel Programs
Checkpointing and Rollback for Distributed Applications
Critical Path Analysis of Parallel Programs (PathTool)
Distributed Shared Memory Systems
Distributed Simulation of Neural Networks
Reactive/Dynamic Instrumentation for Parallel Programs
Synthetic Perturbation Tuning
Verification of Embedded Systems


Some interesting sites related to Parallel Processing.

Parallel Tools Projects:

Paradyn (Wisconsin)
Parallel Program Performance Tools and Environments
Musketeers (Purdue)
Pablo (Illinois)
Tau (Oregon)
Falcon Monitoring (Georgia)
ParaGraph (Illinois)
XPVM (Tennesse)
Carnival (Rochester)
EPPP Project(Canada)
Parallel Tools
Operating Sysytems
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